My Intro on ZWBN

So, I’m Cheryl. Also known as ShackledMuse online. I (not so frequently) manage the No Harm No Waste Blog, which is split between Vegan Articles (the No Harm part) and Zero Waste Living (the No Waste part, obviously.)

(I also like using parentheses, a lot…)

A little bit about me:

I hail from Sunny South Africa, from the very loud, very bright and in-your-face city of Johannesburg. But don’t let that fool you, I’m just a small town girl who grew up in the rural province of Limpopo. I share an apartment with my partner, Michael (aka, The Best Boyfriend In All The World,) 2 cats and a couple tarantulas, and even though I slave away at a normal office job that I don’t really enjoy, I have big dreams of fulfilling my artistic dreams (earn a living from painting and other creative outlets) and also changing the world, or at least a few being’s world. Somehow. I would like to open a sanctuary for animals and people in need.

I owe my Zero Waste beginnings to Lauren from Trash Is For Tossers; it was an article about her living trash free for 2 years that piqued my interest. That led to watching movies such as Bag It – Is Your Life Too Plastic, as well as Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story and Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret.

(Side note, I went vegan for the animals, I stayed vegan because of these facts about how we ruin the world through Animal Agriculture. For those who are interested.)

My ZW Journey started less than 3 months ago, so I still have a lot of changes to make and it’s a very informative journey at that. Now, I’ve always blogged in one form or the other, and decided that a blog would be the best platform to document the changes and progress I made. I feel that the 2 quickest and easiest ways for us to change the negative effect we as a species have on the environment, is to go vegan and to produce less waste. And that forms the basic concept behind No Harm No Waste. My first post was aptly titled Where Does Plastic Go When It Dies.

Apart from the benefit this has on the environment, I’ve noticed an improvement in my health, as I *try* to buy only at fruit & veg markets, where I can use my own bags and jars, instead of buying products and processed foods packaged in plastic and other non-recyclable materials. I’m not perfect, so processed, packaged and/or junk foods slips in there every once in a while. But overall, I’m better off now than I was a year ago.

For the first time ever, I actually feel like there’s a purpose to this thing called life. There’s hope for our planet and for our future, if we all wake up, and realize what we’re doing. To our bodies, our health, to other sentient beings, and to the earth. To realize that we all can, and MUST, change our habits.

Welcome to my journey.